Tasty Truffle Tots


If you find yourself on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, I suggest you venture to a place on Ludlow St. called Hotel Chantelle. It is not a hotel…and I don’t know who Chantelle is…but I do know this place has delicious food with a lovely rooftop atmosphere – perfect for the summer!
I went with my friend Kayleigh and we ended up ordering the same things! Fish tacos and truffle DSCN0971tator tots — the fish tacos were so so tasty! As for the truffle tots…they tasted delicious, obviously because they’re tator tots, but I think the folks just put ‘truffle’ in front of it so they can tack on $5 to the price. 

I’ve only been for the food, but apparently this non-hotel ‘hotel’ is pretty awesome come nighttime. According to their website:

Below Hotel Chantelle lies, a London-based, high-energy nightclub inspired by the bonbonniere Faberge egg which represents a timeless and enchanted experience unlike any other in New York’s Lower East Side.

I’m so intrigued by this ‘bonbonniere Faberge egg’ business…I’ll be back, Chantelle! 

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

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