Trying New Things

Sometimes you just need to surprise the palette. And sometimes you need to be convinced by a good friend to do so.

Folks, I tried chicken liver. And I LIKED it.

I’m an Italian who loves Italian food and I can say that Il Corallo Trattoria was a pleasant surprise. On a Saturday night in SoHo, the place was full – which is always a good sign! – and the wait time wasn’t bad at all.

I’ve never had chicken livers in my life and I was extremely unsure of what my taste buds were going to think – but let me tell you, the chicken liver bruschetta was DELICIOUS. For me, that was a great start right there – if this place could deliver something with CHICKEN LIVER on it and I ENJOYED it, then the main course was sure to be a hit.

And it was! I ordered the black ravioli seafood which was a ravioli dish filled with crab and lobster meat. The sauce was really good but, I will say, there was not much actual seafood in the ravioli which was a TAD disappointing — but the dish was still really flavorful and good AND affordable..around $13.

I’d definitely go back — the menu has an abundance of different pasta dishes to choose from, so I’m looking forward to trying others in the future. And maybe even some more chicken liver! Can’t believe I’m even saying that…

Shout out to Kevin for convincing me that chicken liver was worth trying!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

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