No Sleep Till Brooklyn

DUMBO, Brooklyn: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (aka my new favorite place).

Folks, let’s just start by admiring this dish of culinary wonderfulness found in Carroll Gardens:

“Mr. Potato Head” (half-size)

Having difficulty choosing a snack? Chips or ice cream?!? Oh, the struggle is REAL. How about BOTH!? Yes, I’ve already reviewed Brooklyn Farmacy…but it’s just too good to not highlight again. On my most recent venture to Brooklyn, I brought my friend Kelsey (who was visiting from Florida) to the ice cream shop that has stolen my heart taste buds.

So much goodness in one place. I’m not sure I could ever go to Brooklyn and not end up at the Farmacy. I love it too much. Also, I discovered something new – they have half-size sundaes (which is what Kels and I opted for after eating some delicious sandwiches)! The Mr. Potato Head was incredible. Salty and sweet. Vanilla and peanut butter. And chips. And chocolate. And caramel sauce. And diabetes….well I mean, if you ate this every single day. For every meal. All the time. Maybe.

Perhaps one day I’ll call Brooklyn home, but for now I’m not sleeping till I go back.

I’ll leave you with a photo series I’d like to call: Awkward Poses with Kelsey and Jackie.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

5 thoughts on “No Sleep Till Brooklyn

    1. I’m actually headed out west to San Fran, Portland and Seattle in a few weeks! I can’t wait to blog about all of my journeys along the Pacific!


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