Eating for the Insta

Love it or hate it, Instagram has become a mecca for foodies across the globe. I often use it as a way to find new places to try by searching random hashtags like “nyceats” or “bestcookieever” and seeing what looks the most appetizing. It’s a great tool as well if you’re planning a trip and want to see where the locals eat! (I’ve currently been trolling the #SanFranciscoEats tag for an upcoming trip!)

One Instagram account I love is @HungryBetches. Based in NYC, Michele started this account about a year ago — now she has over 170 THOUSAND followers! I reached out to her via email and asked her a few questions about it!

Where did the inspiration to start this Instagram account come from? How long has it been up and running?
M: About a year! The inspiration probably just came from the fact that I am obsessed with food/ always have been & needed somewhere to channel my obsession.


You have a HUGE following (for good reason)! What do you attribute that to? 
M: GOOD PICTURES! I try really hard to take great photos. I hold myself to a certain standard and creative signature and try not to deviate away from that.


Are all of the posts your own? Do you take submissions?
M: All my own, I don’t take any submissions. 


You post SO so many delicious looking foods, but do you have a favorite that stands out? Maybe top five from your posts?

ANY froyo, Space Market Bagels, Any ice cream cookie sandwich, The Oreo PB Bagel and AVOCADO TOAST!

Is there any food you absolutely don’t like/won’t try?
M: No I will LITERALLY try anything. I hate coconut and anything coconut related… although I can bare it in some really amazing cookies (lol) but other than that… if it’s food it’s fair game. 


Thanks to Michele for taking the time to answer my questions! You can follow her @HungryBetches and @mmalyse.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


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