Lessons Learned In Iceland



Greetings from Heathrow airport in London where I’m currently finishing up a 12 hour layover before heading to Barcelona. I figured I’d take this time to give y’all a few nuggets of wisdom I learned in the past few days through my Icelandic ventures.

  • Know your currency. Prior to my trip, I went to my local bank and ordered some Icelandic krona. Tyler didn’t. So when we arrived at the airport in Iceland (KEF; which is super small and modern and amazing btw), she went over to an ATM to withdraw some local cash. Only problem is she got the whole comma/period thing confused and withdrew wayyyyy more cash than she needed. WHOOPS! So definitely be mindful of that. She couldn’t exchange it back until we were leaving the country.
  • Plan ahead. I’m all about “winging it.” It’s basically my life’s motto. But, my friends, sometimes it’s best to actually plan ahead. One of the things I was most looking forward to in Iceland was visiting the Blue Lagoon. But it was all booked up for the dates and times we wanted to go; womp womp! Make sure to look into popular places/events to see if you need to book in advance.
  • Read the fine print. If you venture to Iceland, you’ll probably become familiar with the Flybus. It runs to and from the airport and you can easily book tickets on the spot or online. However…Ty and I booked a ticket for an 1130AM pickup from our hostel; we stood outside from 1125 to close to noonbefore calling the folks to see what was up. Turns out we needed to be outside half an hour prior to our listed departure time — whoops! Luckily we got placed on the next bus free of charge, but my freezing fingers and toes could’ve been saved a bit had we been more vigilant.
  • Do it while you can. It’s easy to see an opportunity and say, “oh well we can always do that later/tomorrow/etc” but if you have the time and money (if necessary) to do whatever “it” is in the moment — DO IT! Ty and I went to visit the famous church in Reykjavik on our first day in town (a cold, but clear, day). We had the option of going up the tower to get a 360 view of the city but opted to save that for another time. Welp! Wrong choice as the rest of our days were blustery and blizzard-like. We ended up going up the tower on our last day but it was snowing so much we couldn’t see anything. So, going forward, if we have an opportunity to do something cool, we’re doing it right then and there!

In just a few hours I’ll be in Spain! More updates to come…stay tuned!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

11 thoughts on “Lessons Learned In Iceland

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  3. Oh no! Icelandic currency is lovely though – did you get any of the coins that have fish on them? So sweet!
    Tip for people heading to Iceland – you will probably not even need cash – everywhere takes card, even the hot dog stall!
    Oh and if the Blue Lagoon is booked up – check out the local pools in Reykjavik, they are INCREDIBLE. Nautholsvik is a favourite of mine!
    Hope you enjoyed Iceland!
    I just posted a blog post about my South Iceland journey to Jokulsarlon – amazing! Check it out if you have time?

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  4. Thanks for writing this. Apparently, my husband doesn’t know about the comma/period thing! Glad we established that before our trip than argue during the trip! Enjoy Spain!!

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  5. A good read! Some good advice that we haven’t read anywhere else.

    We are planning on a trip to Iceland ourselves and have been looking for help and advice from other bloggers. We would appreciate if you could leave any advice on our post so that we have as much to blog about as possible when we go. Our post about Iceland is https://thiscouplewent.wordpress.com/2016/02/07/iceland-the-planning-begins/ . If we manage to do something you suggest then we will post a link on our blog to yours. It would be nice if bloggers could help each other out!

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