Hello from the other side

After 21 days of traveling around Europe, I’m back in the good ol’ Empire State. As much fun as it was adventuring and exploring a bunch, it’s nice to have the comforts of home and my pup by my side. Here’s a round up of my trip and some tips (and more photos) for all my fellow wanderers!

Out of the cities visited on this trip, here are my rankings from favorite to least favorite:

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland
  2. Paris, France
  3. Barcelona, Spain
  4. Rome, Italy

Surprise! I loved the coldest place the best! Not really surprising at all though…Do I need to remind you just how beautiful Iceland is?

DSC02647My photos don’t even do it justice. The mountains were absolutely stunning; it reminded me of the mountain views I had as I traveled around Seattle and Vancouver this past summer. Ah, majestic mountains. I love ’em.

In Iceland, Ty and I stayed at the Kex Hostel which I would absolutely recommend. It’s clean, conveniently located and the employees are very accommodating. But really I’d recommend it mostly for their breakfast. The bread you guys. The BREAD. Something about bread in Iceland is magical; my theory is because it’s made with the pure glacier water they have access to, it makes the bread that much better. Also, the jam they served with this magic bread was even more magical. I need to see if I can order it online…

kex-hostel-breakfast-bread-and-jellyimageICELAND NOTES: Daylight is scarce (depending on the time of year) so plan accordingly. Also, shop hours were generally 10AM-6PM…so night owls beware. Iceland is also pretty expensive compared to other places in Europe so get ready to budget!

PARIS was our last destination and my overall second favorite city. It reminded me of a London where everyone speaks French and smokes a lot.

IMG_4942DSC03398From the quaint streets and shops to the beautiful architecture and the picturesque Seine River, I loved all of it. If you want a great french pastry, check out L’Eclair de Génie. I’m not even a huge eclair person and I loved them.

DSC03682I would also highly, highly recommend visiting the Palace of Versailles and checking out the town of Versailles itself. I’d love to spend more time there in the warmer months. It was so lovely!

imageDSC03580 DSC03591DSC03575PARIS NOTES: Ty and I stayed at an Airbnb in The Marais neighborhood; not far from Notre Dame or The Bastille. The metro is easy to navigate, but trains don’t run 24/7. Paris does have Uber though!

Barcelona was Ty’s favorite place and rightfully so – it was a ton of fun. We stayed at the Kabul Backpacker’s Hostel which was a very upbeat and social hostel. The employees were super nice and the cost was so, so cheap! There was a bar downstairs and happy hour was fantastic (1 euro sangria and beer!). We had a great view from our room and quickly made friends to go out and explore with.

12734101_10153527272129037_3599553149146622997_n 12733635_10153527269999037_6728566508023849044_nDSC02919With all this positive talk, you may wonder why I ranked Barcelona third on my list — it really comes down to personal preference. I wasn’t a fan of the Spanish siesta as a visitor; I’m sure I’d love the concept if I lived there but it’s something to take into consideration as a tourist when planning what time to eat, etc. Highlights for me though definitely included Park Güell and the paella at 7 Portes Restaurant.

And finally, ROME. We stayed at the Yellow Hostel and were upgraded to a four bed ensuite with a bathroom. A pleasant surprise after arriving a day late (because we got our flight confused and went to the airport in Barcelona a day early)…ALWAYS QUADRUPLE CHECK YOUR FLIGHTS PEOPLE!

DSC03276Anyways…our first day in Rome was actually really fun. We went on a six-hour walking tour and saw pretty much everything.

DSC03197We made a pit stop to grab some authentic Italian espresso that was super delicious and gave me the kick I needed to continue on.

DSC03203Later that night, we went on the Rollin Bar. Advertised through the hostel, the Rollin Bar is literally a party bus with a bar (and stripper pole…) on it that makes scenic stops over the course of 2 hours before returning to The Yellow Bar (the Yellow Hostel’s neighboring bar). It’s 25 euro to get on the bus (with four drinks included), but really the drinks are unlimited and it’s freakin’ cray. Oh, and one of Ty’s friends happened to be in Rome at the same time so he came along too!

IMG_4900IMG_0521The following day, Ty and I went on a food tour of our own – pizza, gelato, pasta, etc…everything was really fresh and delicious.

DSC03282 DSC03285 DSC03286 DSC03324So why was Rome last on my list? It’s a great place to see and there’s so so much history, but there’s not much to do overall. I can’t imagine spending an entire week there, let alone living in Rome. Also…as I mentioned in my initial Rome post, I got incredibly awful food poisoning (probably from one of the above items, though it all looks delicious and tasted great going down). So my time there was definitely clouded by getting sick.

Would I recommend going to Rome? Of course. But really as a day trip. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you could definitely experience it in a day.

And that’s all folks! I had the best time and can’t wait to continue exploring and traveling more in the future. Thanks for reading!


Spread kindness and cheer, xo

3 thoughts on “Hello from the other side

  1. Reykjavik is also my absolute favourite (third time booked for this year!) – and Rome definitely my least, i didn’t feel welcome as a tourist in any way in this Italian capital, everyone was rude, and there was a hotel incident too! eek!
    I also love Paris, and i’m excited to experience Barcelona next month! Everyone is telling me I will ADORE the city, fall in love and want to live there forever, but i’m trying to keep my expectations realistic as not to be disappointed. I’m also wanting to eat as much Paella as possible! 🙂

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      I was told the exact same thing by my brother, the person who knows me best in this world. He came back from Barcelona and said “Ty. This is the city for you.” So I went in with very high expectations and the city seriously met all of them.

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