Wanderlust Wednesday

Adventure adventure adventure. My mind is always wandering and wondering. What’s next? Let’s go go go go go! I want to go everywhere, see everything, leave no stone unturned, as they say.

I sometimes worry that I’ll never be content with where I am. The status quo. Settling down. Eek! That phrase horrifies me. I want to spend a lifetime in so many different places. London. Iceland. A beach town in Maine or Rhode Island. Vancouver. Seattle. A cottage near a beautiful lake in Canada. Does anyone else feel this way?


Sometimes it feels like it’s not enough to have visited these places. I want to truly be a part of these cities and towns. I want to be as much a part of them as I am a part of New York City and the Empire State.

I want to know what it’s like to live on a farm for years and raise chickens and goats and to know what it feels like to live a simple small town life where, really, everyone knows your name. I never want to feel stuck. Unmoved. I want to constantly feel.

Feel feel feel feel. FEEL allllll the FEELINGS.

Delighted. Excited. Eager. Free. Optimistic. Curious. Hopeful. Passionate. 

Passion. That’s what we all seek right?

What’s my passion? Find your passion! 

Passion and purpose. Why am I here? What am I doing? Aaaaack, I don’t know!


I love this quote from Hermann Hesse; he was a German-born Swiss poet, novelist, and painter.

It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is.

Follow your gut and always stay true to yourself. People will judge you and have opinions along the way, but guess what? This is YOUR life to live. Nobody else’s. We need to recognize each other’s differences and celebrate the quirks and oddities.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo



13 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday

  1. The idea of becoming part of a part of the world has pretty much determined my way of spending holidays. I am not travelling day by day to another spectacular destination during my vacations. I spend the time around the place I have booked for accommodation and explore the close area. That is how to get to know the details of an area, that is also how to get to know people from that particular area. Sometimes I go again to the same area for another vacation and people recognise me that I was a mini-part of them even though it was merely a holiday trip.
    But for sure I would be more happy to move every year to another place to become part of that part of the world. Sadly I never was daring enough to do that. Maybe you can do.

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  2. Definitely relate to your post! Life is not meant to be lived in one place 🙂 And the older I get, the less I want to settle down and the more I want to keep travelling! Check out my blog if you can, I think you’ll like it! 🙂


  3. def have these feelings too, of settling with my life or settling down. Seems like I will never have time to do it all! Good post, glad to know I’m not alone in this!


  4. I absolutely love this post! I totally relate to the desire to LIVE somewhere else other than “home.” Cities all around the world could be my home… I just need to go out and grab them! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for reading, Callie! Glad to know I’m not the only one! There are so many amazing places on this planet, I wish I could live a million lives to really experience each place fully!

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