Two Weeks Till 25!

Ahhh! Where have my early 20s gone?! Every September post-college, I feel soooo weird not getting ready for a new school year.

What’s my schedule going to be like? Who will my professors be? Where will I live on campus? Should I go to the d-hall or make ramen for dinner? Ramen, for sure. Oh but they just opened up a Popeyes on campus! But that costs money. Soooo, ramen. And then I snap out of it and realize none of these questions are relevant anymore and it’s SO SAD.


(Sidenote: My new job aspiration is to become a teacher…but we all know how that changes on any given day…remember when I wanted to be a flight attendant?

I know older people roll their eyes and laugh about people having quarter life crises at 25, but seriously it’s a big birthday. And yet, my aim is to keep the celebration very small and low-key. If anyone has some fun, simple ideas on what to do, let me know! Or just share what you did for the big 2-5!

For now, my main focus is to get people excited about charity: water and to donate to my birthday campaign, here. I know it’s finally PSL season, but spare a latte for a day and give someone clean water for life. Giving back feels sooo wonderful! Nobody should have to worry about access to clean water in the 21st century. 


Nearly a year ago I wrote about being 23 as I was on the cusp of turning 24 at the time. It’s amazing to look back and see all that I did in my 23rd year; it really was such an incredibly fun year. But 24 was a blast too! As I reflect on this year, I realize I’ve done quite a bunch of cool things! 

I traveled to Europefell in lovewent to Miami and Savannah…got a wonderful, full-time job along the way…

I definitely still don’t have everything figured out, but life is pretty awesome.

Not me… But her expression perfectly matches how I feel most of the time.

I have plenty of amazing memories to reflect on, my present isn’t too shabby, and there are so many wonderful things to look forward to in years to come!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo





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