How to become a vegetarian overnight

As an avid animal lover who one day hopes to have a home filled with miniature pigs (the first one named Wendell, obviously) and chickens and goats and, like, a bazillion dogs, I’ve decided I’m going veg. This basically happened overnight like, two days ago. And I’m already craving steak…

My dad keeps calling me ‘vegan’ now and I’m like hellooooo I still NEED ice cream and butter and chocolate and all of that in my life so, no. And while chicken and steak and pork (oh, sweet pulled pork) are all things I’ve eaten on the reg for the past 20 something years, I realized I don’t really eat meat that often anyways. Whenever I eat out I opt towards fish and pasta courses, and I’ve always loved vegetables.

Also, it’s very easy to become a vegetarian overnight when you bite into a chicken cutlet and there are TINY BONES in it. LIKE, MORE THAN ONE. SEVERAL. IN THE CUTLET.


So, that was gross. My friends are already taking bets on how long my vegetarian streak will last — I can’t say I’ll never have meat again because YOLO, but we shall seeeeee.

Another tip if you want t635916011568295510508993044_tumblr_mj1w06frtc1qduh46o1_250o become vegetarian overnight but you’ve eaten meat forever like me, just imagine that you’re eating your dog (BECAUSE YOU WOULD NEVER DO THAT, RIGHT?!). My mom made meatloaf on my first night of declared vegetarianism and I just kept looking at the meatloaf and picturing a cow with Rudolph’s face.


In other news, my birthday is just 2 days away now! All I want for the big 2-5 is to provide folks around the world with clean, safe water!

Check out my charity: water page here

Hope you’re all enjoying the fall!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo



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