TACOS. TACOS. TACOS. Yes, this is a post about TACOS. Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Taco Tour…And it was delicious. Monica made up the taco tour last year as a part of her bday celebration since she adores tacos. Andddddd now it’s a tradition. And traditions are great. Especially when they involve food. 











Our tour consisted of five spots, all curated with help from Yelp. Monica somehow managed to pick five spots THAT DIDN’T SERVE ALCOHOL. I tried “virgin sangria” at the first place…dsc03928






It tasted like a melted purple one of these…58f1c477eb2629586681b165096febb5

So that was interesting…even more interesting was ordering tacos that didn’t have chicken, steak or chorizo in them! But I got to try a cactus taco! And they were all still super good sans meat. Overall, my favorite was our third stop — Tac N Roll. Check out the highlights below!

This owner was pretty pumped about our tour.


Our tour started in Queens…took this as we made our way to Manhattan.
We stopped in a bar to grab a drink and there was a sign welcoming a DUMPLING tour.










The greatest part of this tour was discovering new parts of the city and delicious food in places that I’d otherwise walk right by. MMmMmMmmmM


Spread kindness and cheer, xo



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