Next Stop: JAPAN!

My next adventure will bring me to ASIA for the first time! Yayayay 15 hour flights wooooo! I’m counting down the days until February when I can escape the freezing NY temps and bask in the Hawaii of Japan…Okinawa! 


I booked this ticket back in late Sept/early Oct for just $500! ROUNDTRIP! FROM NY!

It was a stroke of luck via Google Flights and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass so I thought about it for like half a millisecond and then I clicked *book.*

Long distance sucks, but it’s easier when you have something to look forward to; I can’t wait to see my other (handsomer) half!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo



9 thoughts on “Next Stop: JAPAN!

    1. haha thanks! I’m super excited! I don’t know of much to do; my boyfriend lives on base there so I’m planning to venture around with him! Any must go spots?! He doesn’t explore much on his own.


      1. Awesome! Well I can definitely say you must visit The Shuri Castle its one of the only castles that has been rebuilt to its previous state. You’ll learn a lot of history too! Let’s see Nakijin Castle Ruins has impeccable views and again a lot of history. For a fun filled day, Pineapple Park is a fun place as well! For some authentic Okinawen feels Kokasai Street is a must! Lots of little shops for souvenirs and restaurants and its close to the pottery village!

        It also, depends what base he’s at because even though the island is small it does take sometime to get from place to place. I know only 70 miles long and sometimes it’ll take an hour or more!

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      2. Oh wow, thanks so much for all the recs! I want to go to Pineapple Park just for the name alone haha — he’s on the marine base…I’ll have to see where that is in relation to all of this!


      3. haha I just googled it and immediately messaged my boyfriend, “can we go to pineapple park” — I guess it’s like the Japanese equivalent of Hershey Park? hahah, instead of chocolate just ALL pineapples. I love it.

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