A Stranger’s Poetry

I had just finished perusing the Union Square holiday market where I, of course, spotted a dog shop and bought Rudolph a wool sweater. As I was heading to my train I saw a few folks huddled around this poet. I couldn’t help myself. Sure, I had a train to catch at Grand Central but that could wait.


Alas, it was my turn.

“So, how does this work?,” I asked after some brief chit chat.

“Tell me anything and I’ll write a poem about it,” said the poet.

“I’d like a poem about being in a long-distance relationship during the holidays,” I said.

And so he typed. And paused. And stared off a bit. And typed. He had a few edits.


“Thank you so much,” I said. “I literally have no cash,” I continued, “BUT have you read this book of poetry?”

*Pulls out Bluets by Maggie Nelson.*

“I haven’t,” the poet responded.

And so I gifted him the little book of poetry that I had stowed in my purse for reading on the train.

Thank you, stranger, for your beautiful poem that, as Vince would say, really hit me in the feels factory. 

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


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