Cheers to 2017

Wasn’t I just writing up my ‘Cheers to 2016‘ post?! Someone, please alert Father Time for he must’ve pressed fast forward or something. This time last year I was still temping around NYC, getting ready for a European adventure and learning to love, long-distance.

I’m finding it harder to remember which year certain events happened in…it’s so much harder to keep track of things when you can’t associate them with a school year. Like, ‘oh yeah that happened my senior year, and that was freshman year…’

Now I’m like, uhhh well, how old am I now? I think that happened when I was 23? What year was that??

“How can you waste time? You have only so much to use, and no matter what you do, it still passes.” -Felix Salten


Let’s see what 2017 has to bring! Happy New Year folks!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


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