3 Weeks Till Japan!

Three little weeks! 15 more work days! And then I’m off to Okinawa! Yayay!

It’s my first time venturing to Asia and I can’t wait! Sushi, ramen, warm weather and, of course, getting to see my Valentine 😉

Ever been? Tips? Let me know!


Spread kindness and cheer, xo


4 thoughts on “3 Weeks Till Japan!

  1. Hi Jackie! Thanks for liking our Paris – Notre Dame post. We have been to Japan twice and it is our most favourite place we have been on our long travels. We didn’t get to Okinawa, but that is for next time! You should check out some of our Japan posts and video. You seem like a food lover (like us). Sometimes the best food are the simple and cheap meals. Gyudon (beef rice), katsudon, (crumbed pork with raw/semi cooked egg on rice), bento boxes, any local noodle dishes which vary with each city and area. It’s handy to have a phrasebook with typical food/meals written in Japanese kanji characters. You might struggle to find menus in English if you venture away from tourist areas! Hope that helps!

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