24 hours of travel to get to Okinawa

JFK –> PVG (Shanghai): 15 hours

Layover in PVG: 6 hours

PVG –> OKA: 2 hours

I MADE IT!!! Traveling forward in time is trippy — I lost an entire day coming out to Okinawa. I feel like I’ve traveled ions to another planet where DVDs and CD’s are still rented at Blockbuster-like stores, and cartoon animals are mascots for everything. Vince has taken me to get some authentic ramen – yummm – and he also taught me the art of the sushi-go-round.


1 plate = 100 yen = best deal ever
“Fitting Nook”
Walked by this KFC, couldn’t resist a pic with the Colonel.

Much more to come soon!!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


7 thoughts on “24 hours of travel to get to Okinawa

  1. So exhausting when you’re travelling for that long. I went to Sydney a while back – left England Saturday afternoon and got to Sydney Monday morning. Worth it in the end though and I’m sure Japan has been worth all the travel πŸ™‚

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