Sushi: A Love Story

If you visit Japan without overdosing on sushi, did you really even go to Japan?

My love for sushi started years ago with a rookie roll (California, of course).

My palette has since graduated — please give me allll the sashimi, nigiri, and definitely anything tempura.


The photos below are from our dinner at Kami Sushi, located in Mihama American Village.


Verdict? I love this place SOY much. It’s o-fish-ally delicious.

Vince and I started with 3 rolls to share and they were served one at a time. The sauces were really good and included a pesto kind of sauce which I had never had paired with sushi, but it was puuuuuuuurrrfect.

When we were on our second roll, a waiter walked by with our third, looked at us as if thinking: Nah, this can’t be for them. They’re already on roll two. He walked back to the counter to confirm and then walked back to our table with it. Hah!

And then we ordered roll four.

Another delicious rainbow roll.


Just looking through these photos again is making my stomach growl.

 :: Gimme alllllll the sushiiiiiiiiii ::

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


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