Who Wants $350 Off a Trip to BERMUDA?!

Picture this…

You’re in Bryant Park (NYC) waiting for a friend…

She appears and says there’s something being filmed a few blocks down…

You decide to check it out and find a small crew filming these panels:


On the other side (not pictured) there was a telephone hanging…

Then, you decide to go over and pick up the phone, only to hear a voicemail recording.

A few guys nearby, standing at another panel, say:

“There was a guy here before, the phone rang, he answered, and *boom* he won a trip.”

What would YOU do?

Naturally, Sara and I decided we weren’t leaving until we too got a trip.

Our phone rang a few times, but it was just a generic voicemail. Hmmm…

Still, we persisted.

We stood, we talked, we laughed.

We were NOT leaving.

Then, a girl, (part of the film crew), walks by us and yells into her mic:


Hahahaha – they were trying to get rid of me and Sara!!

I’ve worked in production so I know that game. They were not closing up shop that fast…

Sure enough, a few minutes later, our phone rings again and Sara answers:

“You guys really aren’t leaving, are you?” – Mysterious Phone Man

“No! We want to win something!!” – Sara

Next thing I know, Sara chucks the drink she was holding onto the ground!

(She told me later that Mysterious Phone Man told her if she wanted something she had to throw her drink on the ground like a football.)

After a few more silly shenanigans, we WON!


A woman came out of *seemingly nowhere* and handed us this:

20170728_170845 (1)

See? Persistence does pay off!! (Even if it’s because a film crew just wanted you and your friend to just LEAVE the shoot already *insert crying/laughing emoji*)

The Caveat
We got a voucher for $350 off a JetBlue Vacations Package to Bermuda, valid only 8.3 to 9.10 of this year.

After all that, it doesn’t seem that I or Sara can even use the voucher!


It was still fun to win and we had so much fun in the process!

Hope you enjoyed this snippet of my random life on a Friday afternoon…

Spread kindness and cheer, xo



If you are looking to go to Bermuda, you’re located in the U.S. and the Rules and Restrictions outlined above aren’t a problem for you…comment below and let me know WHY you’d like to use the voucher! I’d hate for it to go to waste! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Who Wants $350 Off a Trip to BERMUDA?!

  1. I would LOVE to go to the Bermuda! I have been wanting to for years but the flights are always super expensive! I would of course document everything on my blog / social media and then let people know how I ended up winning the tickets and have the come and follow your blog!

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    1. Hey Amina! It’s not quite tickets they gave me, but a $350 voucher off a Jetblue vacation package..which runs upwards of $700 per person which includes RT airfare and 3 nights at a hotel. The voucher is also only good for a limited time from Aug to Sept. If you’re still interested, email me! 🙂 rapettireview@gmail.com


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