5 Reasons to Skip the Wedding and Elope

Ah, weddings. They’re a blast to attend, but a pain to plan. So, why bother?

Pro tip: don’t.

Instead, ELOPE!

Elope: run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent.

I eloped last month– just me and my now-husband.


But what about a witness?

Fun fact: In New Hampshire, you don’t need a witness to get married! And there’s no wait time after obtaining your marriage license. (Whereas in states like NY, where we’re from, there’s a 24-hour wait period.)

We weren’t engaged first… so our families and (most) friends didn’t know anything beforehand!

It was our little secret and it was so much fun!


Now that the news is out, I want to share 5 reasons why I skipped the wedding and eloped!

    1. You’ll save TONS of $$$$$!
      According to Fortune.com, the national average cost of a wedding is $35,329! As someone who LOVES to travel, I can’t imagine spending that kind of money for one night (that I probably wouldn’t remember #OpenBar). Here’s what my elopement cost:

      Dress: $25 from Marshalls
      Shoes: $40 Skechers to benefit Best Friends Animal Society
      NH Marriage License Fee: $50
      Justice of the Peace: $175
      Hair & Makeup: $250
      Photographer: $1000
      Grand Total: $1540

      Our photographer was the biggest splurge and well worth it. Rachel was incredible and we’ll cherish every pixel of every moment she captured, forever.

    2. You won’t have to worry about anybody else!
      No seating charts, no family/friend drama, no fittings, no bridal showers and unnecessary parties, no registries– literally NOTHING to worry about! Eloping is an incredible opportunity to just spend the day with the one you’re marrying and enjoy every moment, stress-free.
    3. You’ll probably definitely have more fun!
      I’ve never dreamed of having a white dress and a big wedding. My parents got married in City Hall, so it runs in my blood. As much fun as weddings are to attend, for me, it was so much more fun to spend my wedding day with my husband. The day was all ours to do with as we pleased.
    4. You can wear whatever you want!
      I definitely wanted to dress up a bit, but I felt wearing traditional white wouldn’t feel right for an elopement. I found the perfect dress in Marshalls for $25! It fit my petite frame, no tailoring needed! And, it happens to be the colors of both mine and my husband’s birthstones– how perfect is that?! Shoes have never interested me much, so I decided to highlight an organization I love through my footwear.


    5. You’ll save precious, valuable TIME!
      Consider all of the PLANNING that goes into a traditional wedding– from tastings, fittings, bachelor/ette parties, showers, etc., it’s INSANE. I could never be bothered with any of that. Time is precious! And, to think, you’re attending all of these appointments over the course of a year or more all for a party that will last 4-5 hours. NUTS.

P.S. What’s a wedding without cake? After taking a few photos around Portsmouth, we parted ways with Rachel and stopped in a random cafe to share a slice of some delicious chocolate mousse cake.


And, to think, people sweat over choosing their cakes! 

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


6 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Skip the Wedding and Elope

  1. This is the BEST!! I just got married last month (actually a month ago exactly!) and the wedding was so overwhelming and exhausting and NOT WORTH IT AT ALL! Sure, I looked like a princess and it felt like a fairytale, but I would have much rather have had a small, intimate gather… my husband and I joked about eloping, but now I wish we had.

    CONGRATS BTW!! Y’all are adorable! 🙂

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      1. Did y’all plan your elopement? Did you go to a specific destination? It must have been so romantic!!
        It was! My mom was amazing in putting it all together… kinda took the reigns a bit, but the price gauging for weddings takes all the fun and magic out of it as does the fact nothing goes according to plan, but the ceremony was beautiful (although the microphone cut out so no one heard our vows lol), but the ceremony part was what mattered to me and I got to experience that with my husband and it was wonderful!! 😀

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      2. Yep we planned it a few months in advance– we chose Portsmouth, NH because we wouldn’t need a witness and there was no wait time between obtaining the license and being able to get married. Plus, it’s such a cute, picturesque town! It was a lot of fun and really special because my husband’s in the military and based overseas right now, so it was really important to just have that day be about the two of us and no one else!!!

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  2. Your so right !!!! You can save a lot of money and the headaches of planning it all.. I got married by a justice of peace like your dad and mom. Nothing wrong with that.

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