A Traveler’s Dream: 13 Before 30

Ah, it’s my last day of being 25! It’s turned out to be a pretttttty cool year and I’ve gotten to travel to some new and exciting places!

There was Japan back in February…

…then a good ol’ farm adventure in New Hampshire…

and then, most recently, Agua Amarga and Granada in SPAIN!

As I embark on the next year of my crazy life, I wanted to put together a list of 13 places I’d like to go before I turn 30. Why 13? Because it’s my favorite number, duh! It’s an ambitious goal, but 4 years is PLENTY of time…right??!

Iceland (again)
England (again)
New Zealandairplane-2594963_1920

Austin, TX
San Diego, CA
Anywhere in Alaska
Everywhere in Canada

But…how can you AFFORD all of this travel? Well, for one, I don’t stay at fancy hotels! Helloooo hostels and Airbnb’s! Also, I try to find the cheapest flights using Google Flights and Scott’s Cheap Flights! I flew to Okinawa, Japan (AKA the other side of the WORLD) for $500 RT…you don’t need THOUSANDS for a good adventure!

Have you been to any of the places on my list? What’s on YOUR travel list? Let me know!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

16 thoughts on “A Traveler’s Dream: 13 Before 30

  1. Been to Ireland, Iceland, England, Australia, Switzerland, Montana, Austin, and a few places in Canada! Happy to send recommendations if you need em!

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  2. Firstly, a happy belated birthday! It looks like a great list of places to try and visit! I haven’t actually been to many myself, although live in England and loved Australia. Hopefully you can get to them all in the next five years 🙂

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      1. I was only in Sydney a couple of weeks. I was still very much a newbie traveller so didn’t have the confidence to do any longer. I’d love to go back and see more of Australia and NZ too though.

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      2. Haha I can understand that. I’d definitely have done it differently now that I’m a bit more travel-savvy. Still a great trip though.

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  3. Good luck on the list! I really, really, REALLY want to see Alaska and basically all of Europe! lol One place I would add is Greece! It’s my number one bucket list destination 🙂 I hope we both get to check off so much on our lists in the coming four years! 🙂

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