5 Tips When Visiting San Antonio

I recently ventured to San Antonio, TX for a military graduation in my family. We spent a few days there, so I was able to see what this city of nearly 1.5 million folks had to offer. If you’re looking to head to the land of the Alamo, here are a few recommendations for ya!

  1. When visiting the Alamo… you won’t need much time. It’s surprisingly located in the middle of the city; everything was built around it. Like, there’s literally a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum right across the street.DSC05331Luckily, entrance to the Alamo is free – tbh, I wouldn’t have paid to go inside…perhaps I’m not enough of a history buff, but there wasn’t much to it. We spent all of 7 minutes there.DSC05232
  2. When looking for food… do NOT eat on the River Walk! (Even the cab drivers will tell you this!) And yet, we made that mistake and eeeek! Have you ever had a veggie quesadilla that was – and I’m not kidding – made of cheese and whole string beans/baby carrots? I could just hear the workers in the back like, Y’all, we have a VEGETARIAN in the house – WHAT DO WE DO?!? *Grabs first veggies they see* Oh, and I can’t forget the guacamole. Literally, just a smashed avocado with zero seasoning and bits of tomato…that was IT. No Bueno!!*DSC05338
  3.  But you SHOULD eat… in the city’s Pearl District! If you’re staying in downtown San Antonio, the Pearl District is just a short cab ride away. It reminded me of a cross between Portland, OR and Fremont (a cool neighborhood in Seattle). However, if you’re like me and don’t eat meat, San Antonio isn’t super veggie-friendly. I mean, I should’ve known after that quesadilla…DSC05326
  4. Do take a boat tour… on the River Walk! It may seem super touristy because, well, it is…but it’s worth the $12! (Or just $9 for seniors and military folks!) It takes about 40 minutes and you’ll learn plenty about the city and its 15-mile long River Walk.DSC05341
  5. Don’t expect much… if you’re planning to stay more than 2-3 days. Perhaps it’s the New Yorker in me, used to the endless hustle and bustle and plentiful options…but San Antonio didn’t have TONS to offer in my opinion. Friendly folks, for sure, but not much else…

*I do have a River Walk exception . . . Justin’s Ice Cream! A worker recommended the coconut and–boy oh boy– that was good! I got coconut and chocolate in a waffle cone…YUM!


Have you been to San Antonio? What was your favorite/least favorite part?

Let me know!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


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