Sudden Coffee: The Boost Every Traveler Needs

Disclaimer: I don’t know much about coffee. I prefer hot chocolate most of the time. However, the good folks at Sudden Coffee sent me some tubes to test out. Test tubes if you will. After trying it, I’ve deemed this coffee “the perfect traveler’s boost.” Here’s why . . .

Sudden Coffee is just that – sudden coffee. This unique crystalized coffee comes in fun recyclable tubes that are PERFECT for travelers and folks on-the-go.

But . . . is it really any good?

The New York Times seems to think so, as do the folks at Munchies.

What would RAPETTI REVIEW think?!!?!?

For starters, the packaging is lovely and I received a cute note (on plantable paper) from LaToya.


Sudden Coffee’s Aunt Bonnie blend is a Kenyan coffee grown at Teremuka Estate and roasted in small batches at Equator Coffees in San Rafael, CA.

It’s also extremely easy to make! And while the instructions say to use hot water, the folks at Sudden Coffee say you can also pour it into cold water. I tried it out using hot water this time around . . .


Why is it called the Aunt Bonnie blend? 

This coffee reminds me of my aunt’s favorite fruits. The sweetness invokes blackcurrants – Aunt Bonnie loves them candied…And the aftertaste reminds me of clove – bringing to mind Bonnie’s rows of baking spices. It’s an incredible coffee. And my Aunt Bonnie – poet, musician, homemaker, and wild child – is an incredible person.

– Umeko Motoyoshi, Sudden Coffee’s Head of Coffee

I opened the cap to my tube and was ready to pour it into my reindeer mug.

It smelled delicious!


I normally take my coffee with some milk and sugar but I decided to try Sudden Coffee black. Again, I’m no coffee connoisseur but I immediately picked up on a natural sweetness when I tasted it!

While it was definitely drinkable, I still needed a drop of milk and less than a teaspoon of sugar to please my palate. I normally use 2-3 teaspoons – yes, I have a sugar addiction.

Would I drink it again? 

For sure! Not only is Sudden Coffee easy to make, it’s tasty too. Plus, it’s ideal for those who travel often and suffer from jet lag! Simply pop a tube in your backpack and you’ll be ready to go!

I also love the company’s dedication to helping the environment – from the recyclable tubes to the plantable paper!

And while nothing beats an authentic Italian cup of espresso . . .


. . . Sudden Coffee is a great alternative!

Do you have a favorite instant coffee?

What’s the best cup you’ve ever had? Let me know!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

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