Try The World: A Review

Who doesn’t love getting a fun subscription box in the mail?

The folks at Try The World were kind enough to send me a box to review!

Try The World is a food subscription box that includes a curated selection of gourmet foods from around the world! Their snack boxes start at just $19 and their larger boxes start at $39 per month. Here’s what I received in my country box:


Quite the variety!
I was expecting more of a cohesive theme, to be honest…

The box came with a brochure detailing where each item is from and a bit of history behind them:27267333_10159963728290118_1541384601_o

While this box is a great idea for anyone who loves traveling and trying new foods, I found the box I received to be rather anticlimactic. Sure, my sweet teeth loved the Belgian macaroons (seriously SO good) and Polish chocolates but the sardines and the honey mustard dressing left me feeling like I had gotten the random clearance items from a supermarket’s international cuisine aisle.

Also, you see that Sherry Ketchup on the above brochure? Yeah, that wasn’t in my box. Instead, I received the A-SHA Dry Noodles (pictured above but not in the brochure). I wasn’t happy about that inconsistency!

While I’m not sure I’d Try The World again . . .

. . . If YOU would like to try a box, you can use my special code for $20 off!
Just use “RAPETTI20” before you place your order!

Perhaps it’s just my aversion to all things honey mustard that tainted my feelings of this box.

Are there any food subscription boxes out there that you love? Have you tried Try The World? Let me know in the comments!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

2 thoughts on “Try The World: A Review

  1. Total scam artists. We ordered the annual subscription. They failed to deliver. After 2 and a half months, we disputed the charge on our card. They sent one box to placate us and the credit card company. That was the first and last box we ever received. They refuse to respond to emails, have no telephone. We have filed consumer case against them in their state of doing business but are pessimistic we will ever see our money or God forbid one of their boxes.


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