Do You Still Write Valentines?

Back in elementary school, one of my favorite days was Valentine’s Day.

Not because I ever had a boyfriend – did anyone at that age?

Actual photo of me, taken in 3rd grade.

Rather, I loved decorating my tissue box in anticipation of all the Valentines I’d receive. I loved being shrouded in pinks, purples, and magentas.

I remember going to CVS with my mom to pick out my cards where, of course, I’d have the following dilemma . . .

Should I get the ones with *NSYNC or Snoopy on them?!? Which one will my crush appreciate more?? He probably likes sports, but I won’t stoop THAT low for love.

Pretty sure I went with these Nifty *NSYNC Valentines 😂

Long gone are my elementary school days, where kids were forced to bring Valentines for the whole class . . .


But that doesn’t mean us old folks can’t send fun Valentines to each other! Not just a day for those in love, per se, y’all can send Valentines to friends, family, heck – I’m even gonna send one to my dog! HOW COULD I NOT? LOOK AT THOSE EYES!

If you want to be crazy like me and send a Valentine to your dog, or perhaps to folks in your community who do so much (like these kids did in MA), be sure to subscribe to Postmark’d Studio and get your hands on the February box!

Here’s a peek at what I received in my box:

Anne Breck, the owner of this subscription box, does a lovely job curating the cutest cards and extra bits and pieces for each month. My only qualm with this month’s box was receiving a brown Stabilo pen. It’s February! It would’ve been nice to get a color within the pink family – but that’s just me!

Here are some current promotions that Anne is offering:

New Subscribers:
Sign up for a 3-month subscription and get free shipping!
Use the code RR3Free

Current Subscribers:
Renew with a 6-month subscription and get a 7th month FREE!
Use the code RR7Free

Celebrate chocolate and love this month!
Sweet, small gestures are the greatest gifts of the heart.
Happy Valentine's!
Spread kindness and cheer, xo

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