A Letter to My Wallflowers This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

Rather than post some more mushy crap on the internet this February 14th, I thought it would be more appropriate to give a shout-out to my fellow wallflowers.

A wallflower is defined as a person who has no one to dance with or who feels shy, awkward, or excluded at a party. #SAD

Guess who didn’t have a date to prom? THIS GIRL!

This holiday can be SO overwhelmingly bombarded by couples shoving their love in your face, it’s quite barf-tastic. I’m sure your Instagram and Facebook feeds are saturated with flowers, kissing photos, and other cringe-worthy pics like that. 

And this is coming from a married gal.

Even though I’ve had a Valentine since 2016, I’d never had one before that.

So, I still identify with being that single wallflower because that’s how I’ve spent the majority of my life. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I love my alone time and as much as I LOVE traveling and adventures and meeting new folks, I need ME time to recharge. I’m an INTJ, what can I say!

Two years ago, I published this piece about my being a late bloomer. I’ve always been the wallflower of the bunch, not necessarily shy, but definitely quiet and more reserved.


Big group outings overwhelm me and I’ve always hated this phrase:

The more, the merrier!

SO not true!

Unless you’re talking about dogs.

Then, OF COURSE, the more the MUCH MUCH MUCH x 100 merrier. 

ANYWAYS! For any fellow wallflowers feeling left out this Valentine’s Day, please don’t!

Take this day to practice self-love and treat yourself!

I found a great subscription box called The Wallflower Box that, if you’re like me, you’ll love! The folks who created this box sent me a complimentary one to review – and I’ll be posting that review within the next couple of days, so be on the lookout!

If you’re eager to get a box before reading my review, use this 10% discount off your first monthly subscription box: JUSTFORME

Enjoy Valentine’s Day and embrace the love you have for YOURSELF!

Self-love isn’t selfish!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


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