Fellow Introverts, There’s a Subscription Box Just for You and Me!

The Wallflower Box touts itself as “an expertly curated monthly box of activities, bath & body items, literature, apparel, accessories, and snacks to rejuvenate and unleash the power in every quietly fierce introvert.”


Hermits, rejoice! This is the subscription box for you! I received a free box from the folks who created it and I wanted to share with y’all what was inside . . . 

I opened the box and was hit with a whiff of something that smelled goooood, then found a few flyers and business cards, including a letter from Chelsey Brooke, Professional Counselor & Co-Founder of The Wallflower Box.

Here’s a tidbit from her note:

Our need for silence and solitude seem to be ever at odds with the world. We’re told we need to be more energetic, talkative, and engaged in small talk . . . but it’s not that easy. We need a place to quiet our ever-racing minds. A place to reflect, ponder, and imagine.

I couldn’t agree more with her words! I’ve always felt a bit stuck in the middle – not quite an extreme introvert, but definitely not an extrovert!

Remember when teachers in school would give you a project with the option to work with others or alone? Yep, I always chose to work alone; in fact, I dreaded group projects!

At the same time, I participated in talent shows as a kid and had no problem with public speaking. In fact, I aspired to be an on-air news reporter and one of my favorite college classes was Public Speaking with Professor Hoppmann.


It wasn’t until I learned of the different personality types through Myers-Briggs that I truly began to understand myself. I’m an INTJ through and through — that stands for Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), and Judgment (J).

INTJs are often given the title of the bookworm as children and can probably relate to this quote:

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.  – Harlan Ellison

It’s one of the more rare personality types which totally makes sense because I always feel like such an odd duck around others! Now that I’ve embraced my personality type, I’ve sought out books and products that really speak to me.


So, back to The Wallflower Box! After reading the literature, I dug out all of my new treasures! Below is a look at all the goodies I received!





Here is a complete list of everything I received:

The Introvert’s Way by Sophia Dembling
Jacob Restituto’s Music Card Download (idk who he is either, shh)
Peach Pie Puur Body Candle 
Cupcake Skin Candy Bath Bomb
Strawberry Papaya Amitea Organics
Cloth & Paper Co. Journal & Pen
Peppermint Lavender GreenHouse17 Lip Balm
He Be G-Bees Shampoo & Conditioner Set
Soft Pink & Gray Cozy Scarf

Initially, when I opened the box I only saw the candle, bath bomb, and a few other small things. I was like, huh, that’s it? I actually went to pick the box up and put it aside when I realized it was still quite heavy. Turns out, there was another layer of goodies underneath, including the book, journal, and scarf!

I really love the concept of this box and I appreciate that all of the hand-picked items are organic. The GreenHouse17 Lip Balm is actually made in Kentucky by survivors of intimate partner abuse. I think it’s important to support good causes in the products we purchase– not to mention, the lip balm is fabulous!

The contents of this box make me feel all warm and cozy. I’m ready to use that cupcake bath bomb and start reading The Introvert’s Way.

If you’d like to try out The Wallflower Box, enjoy 10% off your first monthly subscription with this code: JUSTFORME

Do you consider yourself an introvert as well? Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? What products do you use to relax and reflect?

Let me know in the comments section!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

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