No Sleep Till Brooklyn

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

DUMBO, Brooklyn: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (aka my new favorite place).

Folks, let’s just start by admiring this dish of culinary wonderfulness found in Carroll Gardens:

“Mr. Potato Head” (half-size)

Having difficulty choosing a snack? Chips or ice cream?!? Oh, the struggle is REAL. How about BOTH!? Yes, I’ve already reviewed Brooklyn Farmacy…but it’s just too good to not highlight again. On my most recent venture to Brooklyn, I brought my friend Kelsey (who was visiting from Florida) to the ice cream shop that has stolen my heart taste buds.

So much goodness in one place. I’m not sure I could ever go to Brooklyn and not end up at the Farmacy. I love it too much. Also, I discovered something new – they have half-size sundaes (which is what Kels and I opted for after eating some delicious sandwiches)! The Mr. Potato Head was incredible. Salty and sweet. Vanilla and peanut butter. And chips. And chocolate. And caramel sauce. And diabetes….well I mean, if you ate this every single day. For every meal. All the time. Maybe.

Perhaps one day I’ll call Brooklyn home, but for now I’m not sleeping till I go back.

I’ll leave you with a photo series I’d like to call: Awkward Poses with Kelsey and Jackie.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

Root & Bone

Root & Bone

If y’all are looking for some southern eats in NYC, venture over to the East Village where “Top Chefs” Janine Booth and Jeff McInnis have created a quaint atmosphere at Root & Bone with vintage furnishings and, of course, delicious food. The spot is not yet a year old, but has gained an impressive following and four stars on Yelp.

I went with the classic FrieDSC02216 - Version 3d Chicken and Waffles. The chicken was super crispy and really well seasoned with a good helping of both white and dark meat. The waffles were covered in melted cheddar and served with whiskey maple syrup. Yum, yum, yum.


Just look at that melted cheddar.

DSC02216My friend Chelsea opted for the “Skrimps & Grits.” Yes. SKRIMPS.

Apparently skrimp = shrimp in southern talk?

Always learning something new…


Indeed a perfectly good southern meal for being in New York. I’d give it a 7 out of 10. Think you’ve had the BEST fried chicken in NYC? Where!? Let me know and I’ll venture there next!


Otto’s Tacos

Otto’s Tacos

When I hear the name “Otto,” I immediately think of this cool dude rather than tacos.

Woogidi woogidi woogidi!

But now, thanks to my taco-loving best friend Monica, I will associate the name with TACOS. 

Monica’s favorite food is tacos.

A small place in the East Village (with another location in the West Village), Otto’s is a cool LA-style taco spot with a small yet satisfying (and cheap!) menu. Hellloooo $3.00 tacos! Not only affordable, but super flavorful too. Mon went with all chicken tacos while I chose two chicken and a mushroom. The mushroom taco had the exact same flavor as the chicken, so it’s a good option for vegetarians!

Yum. Yum. Yum. Otto’s also serves delicious masa fries with a spicy mayo dipping sauce; they reminded me of Fritos.

Feel like some dessert after your tacos? Try the hot churros! For $2.75 you get three good sized churros that are nice and crispy on the outside.


BREAKING NEWS: Apparently, there’s a SECRET ITEM you can order at Otto’s! It’s called The Gorgon, it’s deep-fried and it’s larger than the regular tacos. I plan on going back and getting one of these super duper soon.

Would I recommend this place? YAAAAAS.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

Green Eggs & Ham

Green Eggs & Ham


Dr. Seuss

Do you ever wake up in the morning craving green eggs and ham? Me neither… But when I saw this breakfast option on the menu at Countryside Kitchen in Mahopac, NY I knew I NEEDED to order it for two reasons:

  1. Where else do they actually have GREEN EGGS AND HAM on a menu?
  2. I’m [twenty] three years old.
Radioactive Green Eggs, Y’all.

So fantastically green were those eggs. I love it. And turns out our waiter, Dan, was born on the same day as Dr. Seuss! I love a good coincidence. My friend Sara got two eggs, sunny-side up with jalapeño corn beef hash. After tasting the hash, I asked Sara what exactly was in it. (Mind you, neither of us caught the corn beef part.)

Sara: I think it’s just like potatoes and jalapeños.

Me: But it tastes like there’s meat in it or something.

Sara: Oh. Is there? Wait, maybe there is. It is dark like there could be meat in it…

So naturally we asked Dan AFTER the meal and he surely thought we were geniuses after informing us that YES, it’s PRIMARILY meat. HAHA. Absurd. Good thing we’re not vegetarians. Oh, it was good too! I should probably note that.

Deep fried French toast sprinkled with Powdered Sugar & Raspberry Syrup.

Before our main dishes, Sara and I split the French Toast Bites because breakfast is not breakfast without toast of the French variety. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth so this dish did not disappoint. So so so so good. Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. If you don’t order these, I’m sad for you.

Countryside Kitchen opened in 2008 and has gained quite the following. Just look at their customer review page. The spot is actually famous for their “Holy Cannoli Pancake” which seemed too excessive on this morning, but I will need to try it at some point. 

This is like my favorite breakfast spot in the WORLD. – Sara

If that’s not reason enough to try it, then go home. You’re drunk.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

Buttery biscuits & pulled pork

Buttery biscuits & pulled pork

“Thank goodness I’m not a vegetarian. Then I wouldn’t be able to just eat a plate of meat like this.”

If you’re a carnivore looking for a plate of [delicious] meat, I suggest you scurry over to Blue Smoke. A southern joint named after “the curl of blue smoke that rises out of perfectly smoked meat,” you will not leave this place hungry. When you walk into Blue Smoke you’ll see a door leading to the restaurant and one that leads downstairs… DSC02150 I saw a lot of people come in and just head straight to the JAZZ door so of course I was intrigued and ventured down to explore while I waited for Chelsea. I found out that Jazz Standard is a music venue which serves Blue Smoke cuisine — you have to pay a cover for the show and make reservations in advance.

Jazz Standard.

Pretty cool, right? Upwards and onwards now to the FOOD… I went with the pulled pork…literally a plate of PULLED PORK. Tender, tasty, totally-not-vegetarian. HOWEVER. It was served with two slices of bread that appeared to be topped with something; it almost looked like vinegar. I couldn’t decipher the flavor, but told Chelsea it tasted familiar and asked her to try it.

“Grease. It just tastes like grilled bread with grease. Yeah. Grease.” – Chelsea

Ah grease. Hence the sense of familiarity of it. Anyways, that was slightly off-putting and I stayed away from the bread. But I didn’t come for the bread. I came for the meat.  

Pulled pork, four pickles and some sketchy bread.

Chelsea was torn between the chicken & biscuits and the pastalaya (smoked chicken, homemade andouille sausage, orecchiette, trinity). Trinity is the base of Cajun cooking: onions, bell peppers and celery. (Thanks Google!) Our waitress recommended the chicken & biscuits, claiming it may be the best chicken she’s had in all of NYC so naturally Chels went with that. Pastalayaseeyalater.

Chicken & Biscuits!
Chicken & Biscuits!

The biscuits were BUTTERY and delicious. Chicken was a mix of dark and white meat – really crispy and tasty. Chelsea says Root & Bone’s C&B dish is better though.

We also shared an order of steak fries with garlic-lemon mayonnaise. The crispy ones were the best.

Steak Fries!
Steak Fries!

Overall, a thumbs up for Blue Smoke y’all. Oh, the folks next to us got an order of the cornbread madeleines which I’d have to recommend just based off of the second-hand delicious smell of them. You’re welcome.


Spread kindness and cheer, xo