Hire Me!

 Small business owners and entrepreneurs rejoice, for ALL of your writing woes are about to disappear!

Are you working on your very first website or does your website need a total copy revamp?

Do you feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to sharing your message and creating your brand’s voice in a way that speaks to your ideal clients?

Have a million ideas in your head, but can’t get them down on paper? Err . . . digital paper? 

Meet your resident wordsmith and storytelling expert . . . JACKIE!


Err . . . not that one.


That’s better!

Not only do I specialize in making friends with farm animals, I also enjoy writing website copy and creating content that’s sure to make you and your business stand out from the rest!

I believe any written content should be a reflection of you and your brand. It’s important for your audience to feel as though you’re talking directly to them when they read anything coming from you and your business.

With my help, you can focus on what you do best and leave the craft of writing to me!

Here’s how I can support you…


Total Website Package

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Work with Me Page
  • 2 rounds of edits

I’m always happy to tailor pages to your specific needs! Get in touch with me HERE to learn more!

Individual Web Pages

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Sales Page
  • Testimonial Page, Press Page . . . you name it!

Contact me HERE and let me know what website page(s) I can write for you!


Many folks dread writing newsletters . . . so, why not have someone else write them for you?! Consistency is key when it comes to staying in touch with your beloved customers, and I can create newsletters to convey your brand’s message in a fun and concise way!

I offer:

  • Individual Newsletters (~400-600 words)
  • Package of 4 newsletters per month

Interested? Contact me HERE.

Blog Posts

From pets and travel to real estate and dentistry, I’ve written blogs for ALL kinds of businesses! You name the topic, I’ll do the research and deliver a stellar post.*

  • Individual posts (~500-800 words)
  • Package of 4 posts per month

*Memes optional. 

Sound fabulous? Great! Reach out to me HERE.


With my background and training in journalism, I can guarantee not one comma will be out of place! Incorrect spellings? A thing of the past! Grammar, you don’t scare me!

Let me look over your writing, whether it’s a book proposal or a newsletter, and I promise to make it #flawless. Reach out to me HERE.


“Jackie is a proactive, resourceful, and creative individual who is a natural writer with a very creative mind. She is a talented writer who is bright, motivated and is known for her on-time delivery. Jackie has impressed me with every job that I’ve given her. Her writing skills have allowed my business to grow as I’m able to educate my customer base monthly with content that she has created, that is factual, creative, and fun. Without reservation, I recommend her as a “go to” person for all your content needs.” – Liz Illg, Founder of Puff & Fluff Spa

“Jackie was a pleasure to work with. She delivered exactly what she committed to and I was pleased with her quality work. She took an outdated resume and made it sparkle! I recommend her for her talent, professionalism and quick turn around!” – Michelle Wollenzien

It’s hard to write anything else than positives about Jackie. She is like the secret little restaurant in your city that you love but would not advertise to others fearing they will occupy it and you will be left without food!” – Daniel Hoffmann, Founder of Uniq Hotels

“Working with Jackie was a wonderful experience! She did great work and was very communicative. When I asked her if she would do certain things a little differently, she immediately implemented my new ideas. I would definitely recommend her!” – Daniel Hauge, Author

“Jackie is prolific, quick, and writes quality copy. I hope to work with her often.” – Noah McGraw, Upwork Client