Resilience and Re-energizing

Resilience and Re-energizing

Nearly 15 years ago the world changed for not only those in NY, but folks everywhere.

I was 9 years old when the Twin Towers were hit and countless lives were lost.

As I look out a window from where I’m sitting inside the Freedom Tower today, I am reminded of people’s strength and resilience and of how beautiful this world can be despite all of the pain and suffering.


Nearly 15 years ago, the ground below me was filled with rubble, the air smoky and saturated with sadness.

But right now, I don’t feel sad. I’m happy to look out at this beautiful, hustling, bustling city; the view is inspiring, energizing even.

With Lady Liberty looking on in the distance, sailboats are milling about and millions of folks are going about their days… probably finishing up work in anticipation of the weekend ahead.


I hope y’all finish off July on a fabulous note. Do something fun, spur of the moment, do something nice for a loved one, or even better, someone you don’t know at all. Life is fleeting, enjoy it.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


A New Journey

A New Journey

A quick poem inspired by the new job I start tomorrow…and a look back on where I’ve been these past few years!

A life no longer measured by school bells,

fresh notebooks, shoes and pens. 

But by the working days and hours,

again, again, again. 

Memories all jumbled,

months flow into years.

The pursuit of love and happiness,

drizzled by loss and tears.

But with growth comes opportunity,

and the chance to start anew.

A journey to embrace,

a journey to pursue. 

That time I interned at NBC Nightly News (2012) and got to film a demo tape:


And then all the interns got to grab a photo with then anchor, Brian Williams:


That time my school thought I was the poster child for Journalism co-ops (this is still the current pic on the site ahhahah):


That time I graduated (2013) and decided to make my cap look like a ransom note:

10152811866570118 10152819053305118

And then I landed a job at ABC News, Nightline after graduating (2013-2014):


And then I decided to work at NBC Nightly News again for a bit (“a bit” = three months, 2014-2015)…

and then I said, f-that-shit, I’m going to temp and travel the world instead:

DSC02876 DSC03398 DSC03276 image image IMG_8947 DSC02419 MVJV5575

I graduated from Northeastern nearly three years ago and I’ve been able to have some really incredible experiences since then.

Looking forward to this next chapter; hope you’ll join me along the way!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Ice cream, sunshine and hanging out with the pup was all I had on my agenda today…pretty sweet, eh?


This time next week I’ll be back in the working world, among all the hustle and bustle of NYC. It’s definitely going to be a change of pace, but I’m looking forward to it. After all, I do need a consistent paycheck if I want to move out to a nice little place of my own. Ahh, what a day that’ll be. One thing at a time though, right?

Now that I’ll be commuting again, I’m going to have plentyyyy of time to consume books left and right. Soooo…I’m looking for YOUR SUGGESTIONS! Holler at me in the comments below if you know of a fantastic book I should read.

Also, can we all just talk about how perfect this library is? Maybe a different rug but…#GOALS


Spread kindness and cheer, xo