Instagram Spotlight: @dailyfoodfeed

If you’re on Instagram, you NEED to follow @dailyfoodfeed. It’s literally a feed of delicious food. Need I say more? A guy named Edmond runs this particular gram feed and he was kind enough to answer a few Qs about it!

Where did the inspiration to start this instagram come from? How long has it been up and running?


I actually run a marketing agency called Taste Marketing Strategies. I manage my clients’ Instagram accounts daily, but I wanted a foodie account with my own voice, and not my clients’. I also love keeping up with food trends and new, interesting eats so I can be a resource to my clients on their menus. Because of this, I look through A LOT of food photos on Instagram and wanted to give my favorites a home where I can repost and refer back to them. The main inspiration for @dailyfoodfeed is my absolute love of food. Here’s the crazy part… I only started @dailyfoodfeed about 9 weeks ago and have about 9,500 followers. I never expected such a large following so quickly!


How do you think you’ve gained such a large following so quickly?


Being such a new account, I’m still figuring this out every day, but also used my experience with my clients’ Instagram accounts I manage in the strategies I used to help gain a following. There isn’t an exact recipe, but I think it’s a good combination of things that help make @dailyfoodfeed successful. One thing I know is important is a good user name. Then, of course, there are the photos! I strive to post really engaging photos that get people talking and tagging their friends. We also further edit photos, if necessary, to fit the overall image and quality my followers expect from the feed. I also think my captions help. I like having fun with them, but I also make sure that my followers get all the information they may want.


Another big thing I’ve found that has helped has been connecting and networking with other great foodie accounts. I’m finding it to be a great community of Instafoodies!


Are all of the posts your own? Do you take submissions?


Most of the posts are not my original photos and we do absolutely take and welcome submissions. I post the occasional original photo here and there, but I really wanted this feed to be about the interesting eats you can find throughout the world of Instagram. Unfortunately, I can’t just pick up and travel around taking Instagram photos of an interesting burger I know of in New York (We’re based in Orange County, CA)…. YET 😉 So, in the meantime, I research some of the foods I’d like to feature and also, now, have a great community of Instagram users who use the hashtag #dailyfoodfeed to be featured.


You post SO so many delicious looking foods, but do you have a favorite that stands out? 


That’s hard to pick because every day I post a pic, I think there is a favorite in there. My most rewarding are, of course, the originals we produce, but I also love the reposts we have done from accounts that don’t get a lot of exposure and go completely viral and reposted by other accounts because of us. It’s really cool to see this happen!
Originals I love:
Reposts I love:


Is there any food you absolutely don’t like/won’t try?


I’d literally try ANYTHING.  I have this weird hate for black olives, but still don’t mind it if it makes a dish better.
Many thanks to Edmond! Happy eating, y’all!
Spread kindness and cheer, xo

Buttery biscuits & pulled pork

Buttery biscuits & pulled pork

“Thank goodness I’m not a vegetarian. Then I wouldn’t be able to just eat a plate of meat like this.”

If you’re a carnivore looking for a plate of [delicious] meat, I suggest you scurry over to Blue Smoke. A southern joint named after “the curl of blue smoke that rises out of perfectly smoked meat,” you will not leave this place hungry. When you walk into Blue Smoke you’ll see a door leading to the restaurant and one that leads downstairs… DSC02150 I saw a lot of people come in and just head straight to the JAZZ door so of course I was intrigued and ventured down to explore while I waited for Chelsea. I found out that Jazz Standard is a music venue which serves Blue Smoke cuisine — you have to pay a cover for the show and make reservations in advance.

Jazz Standard.

Pretty cool, right? Upwards and onwards now to the FOOD… I went with the pulled pork…literally a plate of PULLED PORK. Tender, tasty, totally-not-vegetarian. HOWEVER. It was served with two slices of bread that appeared to be topped with something; it almost looked like vinegar. I couldn’t decipher the flavor, but told Chelsea it tasted familiar and asked her to try it.

“Grease. It just tastes like grilled bread with grease. Yeah. Grease.” – Chelsea

Ah grease. Hence the sense of familiarity of it. Anyways, that was slightly off-putting and I stayed away from the bread. But I didn’t come for the bread. I came for the meat.  

Pulled pork, four pickles and some sketchy bread.

Chelsea was torn between the chicken & biscuits and the pastalaya (smoked chicken, homemade andouille sausage, orecchiette, trinity). Trinity is the base of Cajun cooking: onions, bell peppers and celery. (Thanks Google!) Our waitress recommended the chicken & biscuits, claiming it may be the best chicken she’s had in all of NYC so naturally Chels went with that. Pastalayaseeyalater.

Chicken & Biscuits!
Chicken & Biscuits!

The biscuits were BUTTERY and delicious. Chicken was a mix of dark and white meat – really crispy and tasty. Chelsea says Root & Bone’s C&B dish is better though.

We also shared an order of steak fries with garlic-lemon mayonnaise. The crispy ones were the best.

Steak Fries!
Steak Fries!

Overall, a thumbs up for Blue Smoke y’all. Oh, the folks next to us got an order of the cornbread madeleines which I’d have to recommend just based off of the second-hand delicious smell of them. You’re welcome.


Spread kindness and cheer, xo

“Mexican Pink”

“Mexican Pink”

In the mood for some delicious Mexican cuisine? With three locations in New York City (1st Ave, Lincoln Center and Union Square), Rosa Mexicano has a cool vibe, young crowd and great grub you have to try! This restaurant is not unique to New York City with various locationIMG_2933s including Miami, Boston and San Francisco.

I went with two of my friends, Sara and Kevin, on a Saturday night at the Union Square location. The interior is warm and colorful, with “dramatic architectural details such as cascading water walls against vibrant purples, pinks, reds and oranges.” With our reservation in place and time to spare, we each grabbed a delicious glass of sangria at the bar. (All of the drinks folks ordered looked colorful and delicious, so I wouldn’t hesitate to try something new if you go!)

After grabbing our table, we quickly put in an order of the infamous table-side guacamole.

Preparing fresh Guacamole!

 Kevin immediately attempted to eat the entire bowl…

The guac was served with warm tortilla chips and two dipping sauces. None of us really liked the dark sauce which Kevin said tasted “like leather.” Sara and I laughed… but after tasting it for ourselves we agreed leather was the only comparable adjective to describe it hah – but the green sauce was flavorful and spicy. The overall winner was the guac itself though. Plenty for three people to share – we were already full after that.

For dinner, Sara and I got the Baja Tacos served with Elotes — E-what?! ELOTES! Aka grilled Mexican street corn. We couldn’t figure out if the corn was smothered in butter or something else, but either way it was GOOD. I may have to say the corn was better than the actual fish tacos. And I’m pretty indifferent about corn. That good.

“When I saw them bringing it [our entrees] to the table, I thought it was a kid’s meal. It looked too cute to be ours.” – Sara

“Looks like a lunch box.” – Kevin

Baja Tacos & Elote

Kevin went with our waiters recommendation of Budín de Pollo which is essentially a dish with layered tortillas and chicken. It was really good and came with various sides as well.

Colorful food is the BEST food. (note how completely empty that guac bowl is…we’re savages.)

Fun Fact: Rosa Mexicano is not named after a Mexican woman named Rosa…if that were the case the name would be Rosa Mexicana. Rather, the name comes from the actual color, Mexican Pink, which is described as “an exciting combination of blue, red, and white. It is different from other pinks and very difficult to achieve outside of the particular luminosity of Mexico.”

Spread kindness and cheer, xo