“This Is the Best Cheesecake Ever,” Said a New Yorker in Berlin

Ah, New York. Home to the best of the best. From pizza and pastrami to bagels and bodegas, if you want it, NY has it. And it is the best.

Also, apparently home to the “best fly fishing east of the Rockies,” according to the New York State Conservationist MagazineWho knew? 

Of course, the Empire State is also known for its infamous New York-style cheesecake. From Junior’s to Eileen’s Special Cheesecake and S&S, it’s hard to argue with the feeling of your arteries closing as you take ‘just one more bite’ of the creamy cake made of fromage.

I mean, it’s hard to argue with a New Yorker in general. Colin Heinrich offers a guide “how to win an argument with somebody from New York” …but he’s not a native New Yorker so I wouldn’t trust him.


Back to Berlin. Remember that time I was in Berlin and it was awful? Ok, it wasn’t that bad…just, like, weird and grungy with a real sex, drugs, and rock & roll house music type vibe. Sounds like my kind of place, right?

*Taps ruby slippers off-white BOBS Skechers together, desperately trying to get back to NY*


The cake made of cheese, guys. The cheesecake. 

I was led to a little place called Five Elephant by Loic, the photographer I booked for an Airbnb Experience. More on that in another post…but here’s a sneak peek:

IMG_1551 (1).jpg

Dammmnnn, nice photo skills, Loic! Ok, back to the cake.

Loic asked if I’d like to stop somewhere for a drink (beer) or a coffee.

Me: ‘Oh, yeah! Cawwwfeee for sure!’

Loic: ‘Er…’

Me: ‘Great!’

On we went. Loic insisted that the place we were going not only had great cawwfee but the *best* cheesecake as well.

*New Yorker skepticism sets in*

 ewis1.gifWho does this guy think he is? He’s not even from Berlin and now he thinks some random cawwfee shop has the ‘best’ cheesecake. We’ll see about that. Has he ever been to NY? Nope, he hasn’t. WHAT DOES HE EVEN KNOW?!


Five Elephant is on an unassuming street in Berlin’s more artsy fartsy district, Kreuzberg. And, well, I’ll try to describe the cheesecake…but first, a photo:


Do you see that thin layer on the top? Yeah, I don’t know what that is either. But cheesecake will never be the same without it.

And that crust? Yeah, again, I don’t know but it was THE BEST.

And the actual cheesecake? ‘Holy bananas’ is all I can say.

It was as if the cheesecake was whipped for days on end by little elves. Magical, delightful, cheesecake-making elves. (Sidenote: I am ready for snowy weather and Christmas. Can you tell?)

GUYS. I know I can be dramatic, but LOOK at Jonathan’s review. He is a “LOCAL GUIDE.” The internet doesn’t lie! 

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 4.18.18 PM

Yo, that guy Jonathan that reviewed this place WAS RIGHT. 😂

The comments go on and on…I’ve noticed folks have knocked off stars for the cafe’s lack of WiFi, but seriously. You will not need to connect to anything except your inner soul once you take a bite of that cheesecake.

I almost don’t want to ‘publish’ this blog post for fear that this place will really catch on and turn into a chain and then it’ll be awful.

But I’m not that popular, so publish I shall! 

Alas, it was a cake made of cheese that left me beguiled by Berlin.

You win, Berlin.

You win.

Spread kindness and cheer (and cheese and cake), xo

WOW: A Dream Job!

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything new for y’all — it’s already May and I have yet to hop on a plane in 2018! Eek! Something’s gotta change! Speaking of . . .

This month, I had planned to book some trips for the summer, as well as a trip to Montana for my 27th birthday in September. While I still plan on doing Montana, my pending summer plans may change. Why?

Have you heard about WOW air’s Summer Travel Guide competition? No? Check it out here! It’s an incredible opportunity to create content for this wonderful budget airline, all while traveling the world with your best friend! So, naturally, my bff Spencer and I made a video of our hometown: New York!

I can’t imagine a better way to spend the summer! In fact, I feel like I’ve been training for this very job over the past couple of years. I’ve been writing a lot of content for The Vacation Times as of late (you can always catch my recent posts here) and I’ve been attempting to step up my Insta game as well!

Remember my trip to Iceland back in 2016? I flew there via WOW air from Boston for $99! Doesn’t get better than that. Plus, who doesn’t want to fly in a bright purple airplane?

imageI’m still convinced I have Icelandic blood running through my veins (forever in denial about these DNA results of mine). I prefer the cool weather anyway (I’m currently melting in this NY heatwave we’re having ughhh)! Watch my video, subscribe to my YouTube channel, throw us a ‘thumbs up’ or a comment, and I’ll be forever grateful!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


Resilience and Re-energizing

Resilience and Re-energizing

Nearly 15 years ago the world changed for not only those in NY, but folks everywhere.

I was 9 years old when the Twin Towers were hit and countless lives were lost.

As I look out a window from where I’m sitting inside the Freedom Tower today, I am reminded of people’s strength and resilience and of how beautiful this world can be despite all of the pain and suffering.


Nearly 15 years ago, the ground below me was filled with rubble, the air smoky and saturated with sadness.

But right now, I don’t feel sad. I’m happy to look out at this beautiful, hustling, bustling city; the view is inspiring, energizing even.

With Lady Liberty looking on in the distance, sailboats are milling about and millions of folks are going about their days… probably finishing up work in anticipation of the weekend ahead.


I hope y’all finish off July on a fabulous note. Do something fun, spur of the moment, do something nice for a loved one, or even better, someone you don’t know at all. Life is fleeting, enjoy it.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


A Sunday Kind Of Love

A Sunday Kind Of Love

Ah, my first weekend back in NY has certainly made me realize how much I love this city. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. But seriously. As much as I love, love, LOVE, traveling and exploring new places, nothing matches the adoration I have for the city that never sleeps.


I often say that I’d love to drop everything and move to a new city; maybe experience life in a small town for a bit… and then I fall in love with NY all over again and feel that there’s no place I’d rather be. I’m spoiled by the 24/7 everything and authentic cuisine from all over the world. I was really excited to eat an ‘authentic’ pain au chocolat in Paris and of all the ones I’ve tried I can say I’ve had better in NYC. Same goes for hot chocolate…not even the French can top City Bakery’s pure chocolate heaven-in-a-cup (I totally plan on going there tomorrow and grabbing some).

This past weekend I finally got to hang with my best friend Monica, as seen here, for the first time since I left for my European adventure. We trekked from Astoria to Brooklyn for the most delicious BBQ in all of the land (within the five boroughs at least) — Dinosaur Bar-B-Que!


Alas, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and we couldn’t even touch the brisket sandwich we ordered after our nachos, ribs, mac and cheese, etc. We ended up giving away the sandwich to some guys waiting ahead of us in line for a bar on the Lower East Side. And people say New Yorkers aren’t nice…

We ended up ditching that line to head uptown (to Session 73) to meet with some other friends; lots of laughs and dancing, it was a great time.

Tomorrow is LEAP DAY (!!!) and I have a few meetings with recruiters so I can get back in the working world and earn some $$$.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo