Monday Giveaway!

Happy Monday, everyone! I recently wrote a post about abandoning social media FOR GOOD…

…don’t hate me BUT I may or may not have signed back into Facebook. Eek! I know.

BUT hear me out!

I wanted to make a Facebook PAGE to promote Rapetti Review (because let’s face it, even if I don’t personally use Facebook all the time – along with the other rare few who don’t – the rest of the world does). But, unfortunately, one can’t make a page without having an account. Thus my dilemma. Soooo, though I’m logged back into Facebook I’m genuinely not using it for stalking purposes other than to keep up with my new page. (I even went on a deleting spree and updated my settings so people who aren’t ‘friends of friends’ can’t add me!)

OK OK — I know you want to learn about the giveaway!! Basically this is my way to bribe y’all into sharing my page, ‘liking’ it and spreading the word!

OK Jackie, but what do I do??? How do I win?? Also, WHAT will I win?!



If you’ve read my posts, by now you should know I love snail mail and all things handwritten. The lucky winner will win a 3-month subscription to CardNest! It’s a wonderful site where you can subscribe to receive three exclusive cards each month in the mail! Each card comes with a pre-stamped envelope too! So all you need to do is grab a pen and send some snail mail to some of your favorite people!

Entry Rules:

Head over to Facebook and ‘like’ my page HERE, and…

Comment (on the article link on my page or below) and let me know what a hand-written note means to you!

For all y’all who ditched Facebook – you can enter by commenting below! Or, shoot me an email at

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo


Monday’s got me feeling like…

Monday’s got me feeling like…

Trying to sleep, the cotton feels rough,

I knew it’d be hard but damn–

This is tough.


Like hammers to nails,

Like wind-battered sails,

I keep shouting your name…


To no




You say it’s just miles, the months will go soon,

But time takes time, darling–

My feelings are strewn.


Like leaves to grass,

Like shattered glass,

My heart is a tremor…


Your touch


A monsoon.


Trying to sleep, the cotton feels rough.

I knew it’d be hard but damn–

Love is enough.


Like pages to books,

Like bubbling brooks,

My story is yours…


Our story


You took.



Spread kindness and cheer, xo