Sudden Coffee: The Boost Every Traveler Needs

Sudden Coffee: The Boost Every Traveler Needs

Disclaimer: I don’t know much about coffee. I prefer hot chocolate most of the time. However, the good folks at Sudden Coffee sent me some tubes to test out. Test tubes if you will. After trying it, I’ve deemed this coffee “the perfect traveler’s boost.” Here’s why . . .

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Reykjavik in ONE WEEK!

Reykjavik in ONE WEEK!
This time next week i’ll be in iceland! ahhh!


…I still need to pack. I’m stressin’. Wow Airlines only allows passengers ONE carry on…no personal item. What’s a gal supposed to do without a handbag?! Eek.


Packing for 3 weeks with one carry on is an impressive feat. Luckily all the places I’ll be staying have laundry facilities soooo that’s a plus. I’ve already told everyone that no souvenirs will be bought; y’all are getting postcards, which in my opinion, are SO much better. I’ll take a postcard over a tchotchke (think: chotchsky) any day. #snailmailforever

I’ve been trolling the Iceland and Reykjavik tags on WordPress/Instagram and I’m just getting progressively more excited.

Also, have you noticed EVERYONE has been/is going there?! A woman in my temp office just booked a trip to Iceland for next year and when I went to the bank to pick up some Icelandic currency the banker was like, ‘oh I just went there with my buddy a few months ago.’

look at this jolly woman

Have you been to Iceland? Any recommendations?! Let me know!

Here’s my list so far:

Blue Lagoon
Golden Circle Tour
Hallgrímskirkja Church
Northern Lights (fingers crossed!)
Icelandic Phallological Museum (yes. this is a thing.)
Baejarins Beztu Pylsur hot dogs (because…Bill Clinton)


Hope y’all are having a great year so far!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo