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If you read my last post, then you already know I’m applying for WOW air’s Summer Travel Guide competition. I could not be more excited about this opportunity! The chosen winner will live in Reykjavík from June 1st to mid-August — with their best friend!

Oh, and the pair will travel to not one, not two, but EIGHT WOW air destinations during their time abroad, creating unique and entertaining travel guides along the way!

AND . . . the chosen pair will get to actually PICK where they’d like to go. From Alicante and Amsterdam to Salzburg and Warsaw, WOW air flies to SO many incredible places.

The airline is looking for a “dynamic duo, ideally two content creators” to embark on this journey. While I don’t have a massive YouTube following by any means, I am a content creator by day (mostly written content), but I actually really enjoy video editing.

After editing and uploading my WOW air submission video, my creative juices were still flowing and I put together a short little piece about my time in Reykjavík. I went there for just a couple of days back in Feb. 2016 and fell in love with this quirky little city. If you want to see what I thought of eating fermented shark and sheep’s brain, definitely watch the video for a laugh!

Disclaimer: This was before I chose the vegetarian life!

And, if you haven’t already, please watch my local’s guide to NYC!

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I plan on posting some more short vlogs from past travels — and hopefully more from upcoming travels this summer!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Let me know what you think of my NY local’s guide — did you already know about these hidden gems? What would you recommend folks see in NY or in your own hometown?

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Traditional Icelandic Food

Traditional Icelandic Food

Well, today I ate plenty of things I never thought I’d ever eat. Liiiiiike sour whale, ram’s testicles, sheeps head jelly, pickled herring and the dreaded fermented (aka rotten) shark. Eek! All of these were included in a sample platter at Cafe Loki (recommended by local tour guide, Eric). The cafe is located right across the street from the famous Hallgrimskirkja church.

imageI wasn’t super excited about diving into the bites below… Famed Chef Anthony Bourdain has said the fermented shark is the “single worst and most disgusting thing” he’s ever eaten in HIS LIFE. And dude has eaten plenty of crazy things around the world…so I was rightfully scared.

imageTyler posing below with her bites of ram testicles. They were the worst things (tied with sour whale) on the dish in my opinion. I managed to get through the fermented shark pretty easily; it wasn’t as bad as everyone claims it is.

imageOther bites on the dish included blood sausage, liver sausage, dried lamb and dried fish…

imageBelow is a whale steak dish from another cafe we went to…it wasn’t what I expected at all. I was expecting it to look more like the sour whale above (white strip third from the right) but it was more like eating a gamey land animal and I actually liked it. So if you want more normal, delicious Icelandic food go here: Ostabúðin.

imageIceland is certainly an adventure! I’d also really recommend the famous lamb hot dog stand. Oh, and the tap water here is great! Pure, and straight from the glaciers. Woooo! Off to Barcelona tomorrow (but not before a quick 13 hr layover in London)!

More to come!

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